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Animals that live in different places

This week we have been reading Dora the Explorer. In the story Dora travels around the world and sees different animals. In our activity today we watched a short clip which showed us that some animals live in cold places and some animals live in hot places. We talked about why they might live here and how they survive such as having long fur if they live in a cold place to keep them warm and being able to camouflage into their surroundings. We then had to sort the small world animals out and put all the animals we thought lived in a hot place onto the green paper and all the animals that lived in a cold place onto the blue paper.  


The kitchen 

The children in NHB had a treat today, they got to take a tour of the canteen’s kitchen. Mrs Proud showed us around and spoke to us about the different appliances in the kitchen, their favourite was the bread making machine. 

“Big beans”

“Our fridge is small at home”

“The oven hot”