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We have had lots of fun exploring with the pumpkins. We passed the pumpkin around the circle and talked about what it felt like and how heavy it was. We the. Watched a video to see how pumpkins grow. We cut our pumpkins open to see what was inside. There was lots of pumpkin seeds. We had to try and get all of the seeds out. We used knives and spoons to scoop out the middle. Some children had a go at picking up the pumpkin seed ps with tweezers. It was tricky because the seeds were really small and slippy!  

Lewis: “I makin juice. Juice coming out look!” 

Archie: “I cutting the pumpkin aren’t I. That’s a little one. It’s heavy.”

George:” look a pumpkin.i put my hand on it and it’s cold.”

Kodiee-Rae:” a pumpkin seed. That will make a new pumpkin.”