Today we started looking at taking away an amount from a starting number. The children had numbered rockets and first, had to put the correct amount of people on them. They then had to take away an amount of people and count how many were left on the rocket. We took away up to 5 people, the children were really good at this activity.


We had so much fun looking at the animals today. The animal lady bought in different animals for us to stroke and hold. We saw two snakes, a tarantula, some geckos, an owl, a baby honey bear and a tenrec. 


Playing outdoors

We had some lovely weather this week so we decided to have our choosing time outside today. The children chose some toys and books to take outside with them. We had lots of fun. We played dodgeball with velcro bibs and balls, we drew some pictures on the ground with chalks, we built with Lego blocks, we read stories, we played with Barbies. 


Making rockets

This week in maths we have been making rockets using counting cubes. The children built their rockets and counted how many cubes they had used. They then found the correct numbered spaceship and matched it to their rocket. Marcus built a really tall rocket. He counted all of the cubes to 20. Marcus then said “I’ve got 20. Where’s the number?” We looked through the number cards and Marcus was able to identify the number 20. Daisy and Kodiee-Rae worked together to build a rocket using 10 cubes.